Opinion: Why More Women Get Swindled by Fake Prophets

“Excuse auntie, hope you will not angry with me but you need to pray and fast more,” and he paused, watching my reaction before continuing, “There are ancestral spirits against your progress which is why you are having some delays in specific areas of your life.”

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I was coming back that day and the way I was dressed was an easy guess or identification of where I worked. I was in a very sharp suit with stiletto heels carrying a designer bag with the flowery powerful fragrance of my ‘glow by JLo’ perfume and I had no wedding ring on my finger.

“If you can do what I am about to —” and I quickly worked off before he could proffer his solutions, I could guess why I was profiled.

There are constant news of women visiting fake prophets for visions of the future who have been swindled out of their hard earned money and decency. Prayer contracting and false future seeing by those who claimed to have been ordained by God to do so would only thrive in an environment of fear, ignorance, laziness, and foolishness.

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For one, anyone who understands that every human being deserves to be treated decently and with dignity would know that a fellow human being, claiming to be closer to God than you shouldn’t give you inhuman conditions to fulfill to get any favors from your creator. Asking a woman to come take a night bath, anointing her privates, and claiming to pray while she’s completely naked is not just insane, but indecent and absolutely wrong.

If you don’t want to be a victim of fake, false prophecies from the so-called vision seers and prayer contractors, you have to understand that God will not give another fellow man, the power to fully know how your life would turn out. Learn to have a personal relationship with God and observe the genuine people of higher spiritual authority by looking at how transparent their lifestyles are, what they preach about, and how much they teach people about having independent relationship with God.

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I was a target because the ‘vision-seer’ saw how matured I was without a wedding ring and guessed I was single so he said what he assumed would bait me into listening to him. A certain quote from the bible was my mental shield as I walked away that day, “for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, of power, and of a sound mind.”


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