Ajax Goalkeeper, André Onana Banned From Football For 12 Months

  • Football bodies frown at the use of substances that are banned or not meant to be used by footballers
  • it’s considered a huge offence for anybody caught in the act and the penalty is very harsh
  • Andre Onana’s doping ban trends

Ajax and Cameroonian goalkeeper, Andre Onana has been banned from footballing activities for a year after allegedly failing a drug test last year, October 2020.

According to reports, a substance called Furosemide was found in his urine on October 30 last year, the suspension is effective from today and will last for 12 months which applies to both national and international matches.

After an “out of competition” check on October 30 last year, the goalkeeper found the substance Furosemide in his urine.

As gathered by EKO HOT BLOG, Ajax released an official statement to confirm Onana’s doping ban.

“On the morning of October 30, Onana was feeling unwell. He wanted to take a pill to ease the discomfort. Unknowingly, however, he took Lasimac, a drug that his wife had previously been prescribed,” the club stated.

“Onana’s confusion resulted in him mistakenly taking his wife’s medicine, ultimately causing this measure to be taken by UEFA against the goalkeeper.

“Furthermore, the disciplinary body of the football association has stated that Onana had no intention of cheating.

However, the European Football Association believes, on the basis of the applicable anti-doping rules, that an athlete has a duty at all times to ensure that no banned substances enter the body.

According to reports in All Football, Onana and Ajax will appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The ban takes effect from today which means he is excluded from all footballing activities both club and international.


Ajax Goalkeeper, André Onana Banned From Football For 12 Months

Ajax Goalkeeper, André Onana Banned From Football For 12 Months

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