Opinion: Emilia Asim-Ita: A Life of Great Impact

It was my husband’s sharp cry that got my attention that evening and I curiously asked what news he had received. “Emilia is dead,” he said, shocking me to the bone. It seemed so unreal. Neither of us could sleep well throughout that night. It finally dawned on us in the morning that Emilia was indeed gone.

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Cheerful, confident, smart, intelligent, never belittling, and ever willing to help, I remember the smile on her rosy cheeks and her clear, confident voice as she came for my first book launch in 2019. Emilia was dynamic and gifted at what she did and at her very young age, she had consulted for conglomerates and notable public figures making her a young achiever.

High amongst the list of her virtues was her humility: she never looked down on those who hadn’t achieved as much as she had but, instead encouraged both young and old, aiding them to become the best at what they are good at.

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Emilia added value to people as she invested in them, not only professionally but also personally. At wedding ceremonies, child dedications, she celebrated the milestones in the lives of those who were close to her. Her heart was pure gold! She pushed people to become their best as she gave her support to see them achieve as she projected who she was: a woman on a mission with a clear purpose.

Her death brings so many unanswered questions: Why her? Why now? Why ever? What does one do when there seems to be no reasonable answer to a pain so deep and senseless? Who does one really question when there seems to be a hopelessness that engulfs even the bravest of us all? What does one do when the one we love so much is suddenly no more?

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I doubt if anything or anyone can ever fill the vacuum Emilia’s death has left in our hearts, but as Christians, we find solace in our Creator who gave us His Only Son to die for our sins so as to be reconciled to Him. Our faith gives us the promise of a hereafter. We know and believe that Emilia is in a better place, worshipping her Creator with the host of angels by the side of her Lord Jesus, and we know that she is free from pain, suffering, sickness and death. Emilia is now safe in her Creator’s arms.

I love the image of her that is running in my head—smooth-skinned, rounded cheeks, confident voice, smart carriage, ever a boss lady. This image makes me smile in spite of the pain and senselessness of her death and gives me hope because I can picture her, singing with the angels and being forever joyful in the presence of her Maker.






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