Most Controversial Debate: Who Is Better Between Messi And Ronaldo.

Messi, Ronaldo
Messi, Ronaldo
  • Messi, Ronaldo who is better

The assertion that messi is only talented and has no hard work is a big hoax. Because one can not climb such leader of success without sacrifices and hard work. So both players are hardworking and at the same time talented.

Another issues that people have used to compare both players is the fact that Ronaldo had conquered more leagues than Messi who is been considered a one team legend.

Ronaldo started from Portugal later went to England before Spain then finally is playing in Italy and in all the countries and leagues he played he has won sliver wears and that makes him an exceptional player. Unlike other players that travel and fail to deliver he Ronaldo travelled and delivered.

While Messi, on the other hand, had traveled also but from the comfort of Barcelona he traveled for champion league matches and have conquered many teams in different leagues that means if he was also In those leagues he would have conquered because he had proved himself among them.

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interms of playing pattern, Messi is a more traditional dribbler unlike Ronaldo who started as a dribbler but as injures set in and old age he later resulted into goal poaching which he is so prolific.

Messi has 5 balloon Dior to Ronaldo who has 4 balloon Dior presently. That means the duo shared the prestigious award to themselves for a span of 9years which is remarkable.

conclusive, I think from all analysis both are great players with different playing style and techniques. And it is a pleasure to have been born in an era that fielded players of that caliber.

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