Epe ANCOPSS Chairperson Charges Newly Employed Teachers On Professionalism


By Babatunde Kaka

The Epe Branch Chairman of All Nigeria Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools, ANCOPSS, and Principal, Epe Girls’ Junior High School, Mrs Jonah, has called on teachers to be outstanding role models in all ramifications to the students they teach in their various schools.

This, she said, was necessary for the growth and development of students under their care while speaking at the Induction Training for newly employed teachers in Epe Local Government Education Authority on Wednesday 17th February 2021.

In specific terms, the veteran teacher and disciplinarian mother hammered on dressing decency among female teachers whose outrageous outfits and makeups she described as capable of distracting students from learning.

“I charge you to be good teachers, be a punctual teacher, be a teacher that follows the ethics and ethos of the teaching profession. Ladies, you are allowed to put on skirts and blouse, your gown and native outfits. If you are putting on native dresses, you are allowed to tie your gele but without heavy makeup. As a female teacher going to school, you can wear trousers but trouser suits with your blazers covering your buttocks. Your body shapes and curves should not show because you will be distracting your students”.

The Epe LGEA Education Secretary, Mr Joel Odugbela, addressing the gathering.

“You are not going to a party and that is why you are being told that your students must see you as a role model in the way you dress, talk and handle your subjects. That is what will make them love you and to love your students. If your students are not seeing in you a role model, then you are not doing it right”, she averred.

A cross-section of the newly recruited teachers

Earlier, Mrs Jonah appreciated the Lagos State Government under the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, for concerted efforts towards making sure Lagos teachers stand out among other States, especially with the prompt payment of salaries. With great enthusiasm, she congratulated the new intakes in the teaching profession, stating that they are lucky to be employed at a time when the profession is becoming lucrative.

“Congratulations on being chosen as one of the luckiest teachers to work in Lagos State. A teacher in Lagos State is almost better than a Principal in other States and we should all be proud of that. Whenever we go for ANCOPSS Conferences and they see Lagos Principals, the difference is always very clear. They envy us and when they see us smiling and muttering comments in low tones after receiving credit alerts for salaries, they begin to wonder what was amiss. So, Lagos State is actually trying.

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As gathered by EKO HOT BLOG, the veteran teacher also advised teachers to diversify their stream of income as the monthly salary might not be enough to take care of their needs.

Epe Branch NUT Secretary, Comrade Sanni delivering a lecture at the event.

“Apart from teaching, have a Plan B. It is true that we get our salaries at the end of the month but it’s possible that’ the salary is not enough to cater for our needs. Whatever you know how to do that will earn you extra cash, try to do it as long as it does not disturb your normal duty. I am a woman of many parts, an entrepreneur to be precise. I am ‘alaga iduro’, ‘alaga ijoko’, I have registered with Recharge and Get Paid, I am in Extra Large, I am in End Global all in the name that I want to look healthy, I want to eat right and at the same time, want to have cash”, she stated.

In her final words, she hinged her sterling teaching career on her resolve to save and therefore encouraged the new intakes to be determined not to eat with all their fingers. This is possible through registration with NUT Cooperative and Endwell Scheme. She said: “If you save, you will be broke, if you don’t save, you will be broke so, why not save and be broke,” she said.

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