Meet Usman Dan Fodio Who Is Arguably The Greatest Islamic Revolutionary Reformer

  • Usman Dan Fodio, born in 1754 to a Torokawa parents, was the leader of the greatest Jihad in Nigeria and West Africa.
  • As gathered by EKO HOT BLOG , He studied law, theology and philosophy in Agades under a man called Umar.
  • The study of these subjects inspired him to accept the religion of Islam.

Usman Dan Fodio migrated to Gobir after completing his school in Agades. In 1803, Yunfa  attempted to murder Usman Dan Fodio. He got away with his devotees to the town of Gudu. He and his devotees called the relocation to Gudu ‘Hejira’.

At Gudu, Usman Dan Fodio felt the time has come to deal with Yunfa and his kin and cause them to understand that their lifestyle doesn’t relate with Islam. Accordingly he pronounced a Jihad (blessed war) on the agnostic rulers

The Jihad affirmation spread over the land and numerous individuals elected to join his ‘Multitude of Liberation’. In 1804, he officially announced a heavenly war overall of Hausaland.

The Jihad/war known as the Fulani Jihad or Sokoto Jihad went on till 1810 when the entire Hausaland was vanquished and the Old Bornu Empire was pushed to the edge of total collapse.

Later in 1817, Usman Dan Fodio passed on after he had prevailing with regards to joining together and consolidating all the previous fourteen Hausa states into a solitary Fulani Empire.

Usman Dan Fodio stays perhaps the best figure throughout the entire existence of Nigeria and West Africa.

In Gobir, paganism was mixed with Islam which really irritated and infuriated Usman Dan Fodio, and he began to preach Islam to the people.

Over time, his popularity grew in Gobir, and got to a stage when the King of Gobir, Rimfa, became jealous of Usman Dan Fodio and attempted to assassinate him. But luckily, he escaped the assassination attempt.

This did not stop him from preaching Islam and condemning the bad administration of King Rimfa.

Yunfa, the son of Rimfa, succeeded him as the King of Gobir after his death. In 1798, Yunfa, who was once Usman Dan Fodio’s student, made another unsuccessful attempt on his life, and later banned Usman’s followers from wearing turbans and veils.

In spite of all these impeding measures, Usman Dan Fodio’s followers continued to grow in large numbers.


Meet Usman Dan Fodio Who Is Arguably The Greatest Islamic Revolutionary Reformer

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