Opinion: Now That Big Brother Naija Form is Out

Controversies have always trailed the BBNaija reality show and the arguments against its easy public access has ranged from cultural to religious to moral reasons. While some are vehemently against it stating that it influences the youth badly, a lot of others, ranging, surprising, of different ages and religious beliefs devotedly follow the series.

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There are grandparents and staunch religious people who unfalteringly follow the show from the beginning to the end, enjoying every detail without reserve.

Soon enough, a new season would start and the controversies, as it arises every season will follow as people take their lines of divide. Interestingly, a certain part of the viewership would not engage in the various air-space conversations as they soak themselves and their emotions into the show finding an outlet for bottled up passions and feelings.

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As they watch the show, projecting themselves into the character(s) of the housemate(s) that they admire, they are able to be who they wished they could have been, in the privacy of their abode without any bother or worries of morals, religion, societal expectations, and family pressure.

No doubt, there would be offensive words for and against the shows and the contestants, and we will see the rise of fans of the various would-be housemates, who would canvass votes for their interests. There would be new friendships forged, enemies’ made and bitter words flying as a result of people supporting whom they like. There would be allegations and counter-allegations as a result of this show which would actually be the result of the propaganda, marketing, and advertising of the organizers to reach a wider audience and more so generate a huge turn-over for the investors.

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However, for the lot who do not want to get involved in the ‘bour-ha-ha’ of BBNaija in any form, be prepared to occupy yourself with other credible things and go in the opposite direction of any conversation that goes in that line.

All we can be sure of is this: some few months down the line, BBNaija would be the much talked about happening in the country.


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