Opinion: The Man Who Killed His wife

Marriage is a lifelong contract which must be entered into by two people who are willing and ready to make each other’s lives better. It wouldn’t make much sense to rush into it and then start looking for a way out when the parties are bound to each other in so many ways.

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A man was arrested by the police for killing his wife and during interrogation; he gave the excuse that she had already filed for divorce. The investigator then questioned him further if it was really because of the divorce that he murdered her and he gave a somewhat disheartening response. He said he knew she would get another man to love her and he didn’t want that, so he killed her.

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The questions that came to mind when I read the story were these: did this man ever display jealous rages during their courtship period? Did the late wife ever investigate who he was before she agreed to continue the relationship with him? So many questions begging to be answered however, one thing is such that a family would grieve because a loved one was murdered by her former selfish partner.

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One of the reasons why ladies marry men whom they know is prone to violence is because of family and societal pressures. Matured and unmarried ladies think they are being judged because of their single status and rush into any relationship with a promise of marriage which at the end of the day would be detrimental to their overall wellbeing.

I believe that if ladies, first of all are secured in who they are, the so-called societal pressure would have very minimum effect on them and they would be the active actor in their own lives. Societal pressure is such that can be contained if ladies do not follow trends of what is happening but have a focus of who they want to become and the type of man they desire as partner.

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Family pressure for marriage can be a bit tougher to manage because of the closeness of the relationship one has with those who could be mounting the pressure. I would say that ladies should constantly reassure their parents (or the close relatives involved) that they do not want to make costly mistakes of entering into a life contract with someone who would turn out to be a monster.


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