Opinion: A Leap of Faith in a Time of Crisis

“Hello Ma’am, this is Busayo and I would like to know the location of your new store. I am right in front of the old one and was told you have relocated.”

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“Good day Mrs. Busayo, “She responded and I detected a hesitation, “we no longer operate a physical store ma. We are now strictly an online store.”

“Whoa!” Was all I could say as I thought of the extra cost it would take to pay for the courier.

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“I am so sorry ma; the Covid-19 lockdown affected us adversely.”

She needed not say any more.

The new normal in our world caused by the global pandemic is one in which almost all aspects of our existence is affected and we must all be prepared for this new lifestyle to be part of our lives for a very long time to come. In a very saddening way, some businesses collapsed because of the global pandemic while some are just teetering on the edge of collapsing.

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Interestingly, some people have been making huge financial strides during and after the global lockdown which mean there are opportunities to be harnessed from their seeming negative situation.

For those whose means of economic livelihood were and are still affected, I believe it’s time to take a leap of faith in the direction that may be new and scary but which could yield multiple folds in return. From history, new things and methods are always propelled or compelled by a change that was foreseen or one which was compelled.

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In this new and ‘exciting’ time, it’s wise for business owners to unlearn that which once worked and find new ways of doing things even if the individuals have to go back to a formal type of knowledge acquisition.

Taking a leap of faith into the new is doing it afraid, doing it scared and being prepared to fail forward in exploring newer and fresher ways to bring innovation into a business venture for untoward progress and opportunities.

It may be scary but it could lead to the next best thing that the world would forever need.

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