Opinion: Ibukun Awosika: Blazing the Trail for Women All Over

“What will you be doing on Saturday?” Came the voice over the phone.

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“I have some projects to complete and besides, I need to clean the house.” I answered guessing she wanted me to do something I might not be willing to do.

“Can you make that day free to attend a conference where the chairman of First Bank would be speaking?”

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“What is the conference about?” I inquired.

“Just make the day free and you will soon find out for yourself.”

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I have seen her, mostly on social media but never really listened to her give a full talk until the day I honored that invitation to attended a ‘women’s conference’ some years ago where she was a guest speaker and I knew this was a woman who knew what it meant to succeed. One can also quickly determine she possesses a desire to see others succeed as well. At that conference, the chairman of First Bank, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika, spoke on the need for women to take their personal, financial and developmental progress seriously.

She encouraged that women have enormous potential to achieve anything they set their minds to do because of their single-minded and laser focus attention to make sure things are done to specifications.

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In her encouragement, she advised that women have to be conscious of how much they spend as sometimes, what is been spent on frivolous items could be the ‘seed money’ to start a venture.  Since that encounter, I have followed her closely on social media and on most religious programs that she had spoken at, and have soaked in every word of advice, admonition, reprimand, and suggestions. Ibukun Awosika is indeed an amazon worth celebrating.

She said on the First Bank page on Instagram, “Covid has shown us how interconnected the world is. Covid started in Wuhan and it spread across the world through people. That’s exactly how is, it’s all connected. If you have a good business, the world would know” and I remember the very first time I encountered her from afar.

She indeed makes all women proud.


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