WrestleMania 2021: List Of Released WWE Stars Who Cannot Use Their Names Elsewhere

WWE released a list of former WWE Superstars who can’t use their names after their release.

After WrestleMania, the company releases a few superstars every year, and there are always a few names on the list that let fans scratch their heads. This year’s exit was no different, and the WWE Universe took to Twitter to express themselves.

Released superstars will be tied to a 90-day non-competitive band, and they will be eligible to compete elsewhere.

‘Heel By Nature’ has published a list of wrestlers who cannot use their names except in other promotions, EKO HOT BLOG gathered.

List of released WWE Superstars 

Samoa Joe: The in-ring veteran owns the trademarks for this title and will be free to use it if he signs with another company in the near future.

Bo Dallas: A trademark was issued by WWE for the name “Bo Dallas” two years ago, and if WWE does not obtain written consent from the person behind the sign (Taylor Rotunda), it must be revoked in June. Then Rotunda could register it if he wants to use the name elsewhere.

Chelsea Green: Green’s case is similar to Bo Dallas’s, and if she does not give written consent to WWE, the trademark introduced by WWE in September last year will be revoked in August 2021.

Carlito: The Mexican wrestler will not be able to use the title as he was owned by WWE after re-registering in 2017.

Mickey James: WWE currently owns the name Mickie James, which was trademarked in 2017.

Tucker: WWE registered the name “Tucker Knight” in June last year, so the former member of Heavy Machinery can’t use it anywhere else.

Peyton Royce and Billy Kay: WWE holds both titles and the same was registered in October 2019.

Mojo Rouli: The case of former Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner is the same as that of Chelsea Green and Bo Dallas. If he does not get his written consent to apply by April 23, 2021, WWE will lose the trademark on his name.


WrestleMania 2021: List Of Released WWE Stars Who Cannot Use Their Names Elsewhere Samoa Joe – The biggest loss for WWE?

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