How We Used ‘Africa Science’ To Rescue Abducted Victims – Amotekun

How We Used 'Africa Science' To Rescue Abducted Victims – Amotekun
  • We also succeeded in applying the same method when other people were kidnapped 

The Osun Command of the Western Nigeria Security Network codenamed Amotekun has revealed how it resorted to using ‘Africa science’ to secure the release of abducted persons without paying a dime to abductors.

Commandant of the security outfit in Osun state, Amitolu Shittu, who made the startling revelation on Saturday, said the regional security outfit have been using metaphysical power to rescue kidnapped victims from bandits.

Reveling in the potency of the outfit’s spiritual fortification, Shittu said that bandits had often confided in their victims that they were released because Amotekun spiritual powers are superior to theirs hence the release to avoid capitulation.

“Yes, it (African science) is one of the best tools that we are using today. This is the first time I will be divulging this information to the public. Sometime ago in Osun, some persons were kidnapped and we searched for over 24 hours, there was no clue as to where the criminals had taken the persons to,” Punch newspaper quoted Shittu to have said.

“I talked to my people and we got in contact with the families of the victims. We experimented on something and it worked out. The victims were voluntarily released. It was African science which may be in the form of prayer in our traditional way. The victims were released, the kidnappers gave them back their phones and every other item they took from them”

How We Used 'Africa Science' To Rescue Abducted Victims – Amotekun

Speaking further on how his group has been rescuing victims without ransom, Shittu disclosed that the bandits had been left stupefied by Amotekun’s supernatural powers which were an offshoot of Yoruba custom.

He added that the outfit would build on the successes it had been able to achieve with the spiritual intervention. He gave other instances were use of supernatural mechanisms had come handy in tackling insecurity in the state.

“When they were released, we went to their various homes to find out what transpired and they told us that the kidnappers told them that they (victims) were using people from outside who have supernatural powers that were conflicting with theirs.

“Specifically, they told the victims that their link with Amotekun was affecting their operations. That was how they were released. Since then we have been improving on our mode of operation.”

Shittu also attributed the success of Amotekun to God’s intervention. He cited how they were able to rescue kidnapped victims along Ila road in Ekiti State using the same method.

“We also succeeded in applying the same method when other people were kidnapped. This time they were travellers who were coming from Ekiti, they were kidnapped along Ila road. These victims were also released voluntarily. It is the Lord’s doing.

“I can go on and on, we have had several interventions in this regard. We are building on the mechanism to ensure those kidnap victims are released freely without parting with ransoms.”

Shittu, however, advised that Western Nigeria Security Network should be free from politics “I want to advise the South-West governors not to allow any element of politics to override what will come to outlive them,” he said.


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