Yoruba Group Holds Self-determination Rally — Despite Police Disruption

  • “No retreat no surrender. We have started the rally in Ibadan, there is no going back”

Despite the hiccups witnessed by way of security concerns, Ilana Oódua, a group of Yoruba independence agitators, on Saturday held a rally in Ibadan, Oyo state capital.

The rally was held to garner public support for  independent Yoruba nation agitation.

The rally had initially suffered a setback as the proposed venue, Mapo Hall, was barricaded by police officers.

Following the development, the Yoruba nation activists moved to Mapo roundabout to stage the protest.

Brandishing the Oódua Nation flag and waving banners that read “support Yoruba nation”, they marched, sang, and chanted.

Kunle Adesokan, one of the leaders of the group, said the Yoruba people are tired and are ready to stand on their own.

He also said that the agitation for the Yoruba nation will not be bloody or chaotic, adding there was no going back on the quest for independence.

He asserted that Yorubas no longer want to be part of Nigeria where disorderliness, pillaging, killing and destruction is the order of the day.

“What we are saying is we want Yoruba nation. We are tired of staying with Nigeria. Enough of killings, maiming and destruction of properties,” he said.

“No retreat no surrender. We have started the rally in Ibadan, there is no going back. We are starting here because Ibadan is the capital of Yorubaland but we will not use violence.”

Ekohotblog learnt that the emancipation fervour of the organisers of the rally do not enjoy the backing of most Yoruba leaders and socio-cultural groups.


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Yoruba Self-determination Rally Suffers Setback As Police Storm Venue

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