Perez Breaks Silence On How He Feels About The Way The EPL Big Six Pulled Out Of Super League

In an exclusive interview between Real Madrid’s President and The European Super League Chairman, Florentino Perez and a Spanish sports tabloid ‘El Larguero’, he revealed that the Super League is not dead yet, rather the project is on standby.

According to him, all 12 clubs have a binding contract, so they have not officially left the project, he also revealed that one of the 6 English Premier League teams, was not convinced enough, and that rubbed off on it rest:

“The Super League is not dead, we will continue to work on this project, for now it’s on stand-by. Even If this project does not work, another one will.

“Remember all the 12 clubs have signed the same binding contract, and nobody has paid the penalisation fee for leaving the Super League yet, because we are almost all still in this, they have not officially left yet.”

When asked how he feels about the way the EPL Big six pulled out of the project, he replied:

“I think one of the 6 Premier League clubs weren’t really convinced of the project, and it became contagious to the rest of them”

The proposed European Super League project financed by America’s top bank, JP Morgan Chase, but spearhead by Florentino Perez, came to an abrupt halt, after 10 teams out of the 12 founding teams, pulled out of the project, leaving just Real Madrid and Barcelona,  EKO HOT BLOG gathered.


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