Opinion: The Place of Tenacity in Building an Empire

I read on Mo Abudu’s instagram page a while ago on how she crossed over from the field of Human Resources to Media after clocking forty and how she pitched her unique idea of creativity in the entertainment industry to every government in power since 2006 and none gave her any serious consideration until the administration of the incumbent governor of Lagos State, led by Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

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A lot of youths would look at people like Mo Abudu and think they sailed through the world of entrepreneurship without many hindrances not knowing the amount of staying power coupled with resilience that kept them pressing on until they finally got what they hoped for.

Anyone who wants to achieve anything of significance in any part of the world must, apart from having a vision, be willing and ready to go the extra mile in spite of setbacks, disappointments, and negative feedbacks.

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Most times, people give up on the edge of their success or break forth because they allow past disappointments to hinder them from reaching out to the same set of people or organizations that rejected them before.

In building an empire, the place of tenacity mixed with very large doses of forgiveness is necessary because along the way, circumstances and situations, directly or indirectly, caused by people would occur but the individual who must move forward must have the ability to forgive the past while learning the lessons it had offered.

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Forgiveness is an essential part of building because harboring hurt and pain will inhibit the mental competence to organize people, resources, and mechanism into a productive outcome so an individual who must gather people must be someone with a large but very wise heart.

To start a venture is quite easy but the main work comes in the careful and painful execution into concrete results.

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To think about building is about the easiest part, actually getting up and facing the tenacious and gruesome process of building is where the hard work is which is the reason only a few people get to build a success empire.


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