Opinion: Raising the Healthy Child

“We are tired sir.” Said the unhappy mother.

“So, what do you want to do?” The counselor asked them again.

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“Maybe, we will change his school again…and look for one more teacher for extra coaching.”

“Why do you think getting an additional instructor would solve the problem of your son’s inability to master the subjects?” The counselor asked, directing the question to her.

There was total silence from the parents of the six-year-old who was experiencing difficulties in learning and has changed school four times with absolutely no improvement in his learning experience.

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Checking the time by his table, the counselor began, “Sir and Ma, I don’t think your son needs to change school anymore and hiring two teaching coaches for a six-year-old isn’t what I would recommend. I believe the coach your son needs is you.” He pointed to both of them. “Either one or both of you need to spend time with him, teaching him those difficult subjects. Changing school won’t solve the problem either.”

In our busy world today, couples with children, especially growing children, must make themselves the first point of learning that their kids have to foster better growth for them before external influences have inputs in their lives.

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Being busy and having a time consuming job won’t make a very tenable excuse when a child or children become thorns in the flesh of parents or become a menace to the society.

To raise a healthy all rounded child, both father and mother must make sacrifices of time and space in additional to financial commitments to nurture their children so that there is no future gap that parental influence could have solved.

Children, especially when growing up need a lot of investment of time and energy and parents have the first duty of providing the guidance and leading for them to bring out their potentials before they are independent. It’s no longer just the duty of the mother to nurture the children as science and studies have found out that the influence of the father has powerful impacts on the children.

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Couples have to decide, what is best for them, as a family, but both parents must invest the resource of time in raising their kids to become the best of themselves.


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