Opinion: The Frightening Incidences of Kidnapping in the Country

It was not only frightening but also very scary to watch the video and I’m sure a lot of people would be surprised at the level of confidence and audacity at which the apprehended kidnapper planned his notorious act.

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The man confidently walked into the school demanding that his kids be released to him: it wasn’t yet the closing time and he correctly mentioned the names of two pupils. When the security personnel asked him why he was coming to take kids before the closing time, he became irate and threatened to withdraw them from the school for being questioned unnecessarily. Thankfully, he reached his doom when he mistakenly mentioned the name of one of their teachers but apparently, the teacher he mentioned had left the service of the institution for quite a while. The security personnel became alerted which led to his arrest.

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One begins to wonder how this kidnapper knew the names of the children and that of one of their former teachers but then, that can be guessed. He could have obtained that information from different sources amongst which is social media. Then one could also guess that he heard them calling out each other’s name at a public place oblivious to the fact that the information may be used for untoward purposes.

The kidnapper could also have gotten their names from someone who knew their family and maybe in on the plan to get the children kidnapped. In whatever way this kidnapper got their names, we now know that, not only should people be conscious of highway kidnappings, they have to be alert about kidnapping within vicinities of their personal spaces and daily commuting.

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Every institution, home and places of work must now be on high alert and tighten their security in preventing broad-day apprehensions of innocent people. Even more essentially, schools must be on high alert, especially about the identities of those who come to pick up kids from school, especially unknown and unfamiliar faces.

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Every family must be on high alert on security issues in the country.


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