Reno Omokri Asks Twitter To Permanently Suspend Buhari Over “War” Tweet

Buhari and Omokri
  • Buhari should not be patted on the back for threatening war on the Southeast region…

Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has petitioned microblogging site, Twitter, asking it to suspend President Muhammadu Buhari’s account on the platform.

Omokri’s call joins several others calling for the permanent suspension of the President from the platform after he hinted that he will not hesitate to sanction an assault on separatists agitating for the country’s disintegration.

EKO HOT BLOG had reported how Twitter deleted Buhari’s tweet which was seen as a veiled threat to the Southeast region.

He issued the threat in reaction to escalating violence across Nigeria, especially in the region.

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“Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand,” he threatened in a tweet on Tuesday.

However, Omokri in his tweet, argued that if Trump’s account can be suspended over the Capitol’s storming, President Buhari should not be patted on the back for threatening war on the Southeast region of the country.

“Retweet to petition @Jack to permanently suspend @MBuhari’s account for threatening war on Nigeria’s SE. @Twitter suspended Trump’s account over the Capital storming.Why keep Buhari after he threatened to repeat a war that killed 1 million Biafrans?” he tweeted.



His tweet has since elicited reactions from Twitter users:

@ogbebor_samson: Please, as we are retweeting this, let’s also report @MBuhari account. Click his handle here in dis tweet and report it.

Thank you!!!!!!!

@SundayNeil: Jokers,you think Jack will risk heavy sanctions on twitter Nigeria because of one single account abi

@Hyper_Trumpster: Twitter is only answerable to the political arm that empowers it to oppress their opponents

That’s why they suspended Trump…he violated no twitter terms

If twitter sincerely suspends those who violate it terms, why is Hassan Rouhani, Ayatollah Khomeinei still on the platform

@EjikeOnyewuchi: @Jack, should also be to understand that as we are tweeting the same @Mbuhari deployed the army and police in the East, they are abducting young Igbos who are innocent, tagging them IPOB/ESN and killing them for no justifiable reasons.

@asolink: @jack though @MBuhari do not know what twitter is all about but, we don’t want such undemocratic leader to be on twitter due to his gross disobedience to the rule of law, aiding of extrajudicial killings. #TwitterSuspendBuharisAccount

@bertofakolujo: What you don’t know is that even Bubu will be happy with the suspension. Does it stop him from doing his work? Does it remove him from office? Does it stop him from living his life? The answers are NO! @MBuhari doesn’t depend on twitter for his fan base… his fan base is local!

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