Nigeria Needs A Sincere, Patriotic Person To Fix It – Yahaya Bello

Yahaya Bello
Gov. Yahaya Bello
  • Bello said he may contest the 2023 presidential election because Nigerians have been calling him to serve…

Governor Yahaya Bello says Nigeria needs a credible and patriotic leader to fix the myriads of challenges besetting the nation.

Briefing the media after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, Governor Bello said the position of president should not be determined by zoning but by sincerity and competence.

The Kogi governor was of the opinion that the security challenges the country faces at the moment are mostly politically engineered.

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According to him, fairness, justice, and equity will play a great role in restoring lasting peace in Nigeria.

Bello who said he may contest the 2023 presidential election because Nigerians have been calling him to serve, argued that competence should be the requirement for electing the next president and not his ethnicity or religion.

“For once let’s get Nigeria fixed. We have practiced a seeming rotational presidency since 1999 to date, let us evaluate our successes or achievements from this seeming rotational presidency between then, and now.

“Why don’t we simply go for the best, after all, we copy this democracy from America and some of the developed world, how many of these countries are practicing rotational presidency? You see, we are where we are today not because we are practicing rotational presidency. If you want to go by that rotational presidency, then do perfect zoning. Go by perfect rotation. And if you go by rotation and whichever way you come from, I don’t think you should exclude where I come from. That’s number one.

“Number two, let us get a credible, sincere, patriotic Nigerian to fix it,” Bello told reporters.


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