Opinion: The Overnight Success

The popular make-up products produced by the Nigerian entrepreneur, Tara Fela-Durotoye were recently featured in the international US magazine “allure.” Her product brand, simply known as “House of Tara International” was praised as being ‘committed to selling everything you need for a full face beat…”

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Sharing the news with the image of the magazine on her IG page, the founder, Tara Fela-Durotoye said she’s glad that houseoftara_intl was featured in the magazine. Tara Fela-Durotoye started the make-up brand in 1998.

There is no overnight success. Most of the successful entrepreneurs and business leaders we know today started quite a while ago, building their products and services from the ground up and gaining ascendancies as they served what they offered with integrity, making their offerings better and more durable.

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There is a lot of tenacity and resilience involved in building a business to grow from obscurity to gain international recognition that must be taught to people. Especially the upcoming generation who assume that the path to success can be boycotted or manipulated to achieve.

Anything that would stand the rigor and hardness of time must be properly planned and executed with precision and integrity. Planning and execution takes time and the discipline of patience to get the attention and trust of consumers. Then the hard and smart work of making sure that what is promised is delivered to those who would be buying and in a clime that trust isn’t expected, it takes a while to gain, keep, and maintain the trust of people who buy the product or use the service.

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It takes hard and smart work to build a business and sustain it in an environment of mediocrity.  A business such as the make-up brand, “House of Tara International” is a testament to the fact that vision, resilience, hard work, and integrity with a great product is most likely to yield a desirable outcome if one sticks with it long enough.

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There are a lot of factors involved in becoming a successful, internationally recognized entrepreneur from the continent of Africa out of which we have mentioned some. There is no short-cut or manipulation in the processes.


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