We Are Delivering On Our THEMES Agenda – Sanwo-Olu

We Are Delivering On Our THEMES Agenda - Sanwo-Olu
  • The Governor recalled that his administration had drawn out the THEMES Agenda as a blueprint to serve as a focal point for infrastructural and economic development in the State.

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, has expressed delight that his administration has made good on its promise to hoist the State to enviable heights when it took the reins of power just over two years ago.

As gathered by Eko Hot Blog, Governor Sanwo-Olu was speaking in an interview with Arise TV on Monday, June 7, 2021, where he critically appraised his two years stint in office.

He noted that his administration has been in office for 741 days, and that each passing day underscores the need to conduct an introspective appraisal to determine if the Government is delivering on its outlined manifesto.

The Governor recalled that his administration had drawn out the THEMES Agenda as a blueprint to serve as a focal point for infrastructural and economic development in the State.

Upon assumption of office, Sanwo-Olu committed to a “Greater Lagos” that the government would achieve through six pillars of development. The components are T-H-E-M-E-S and would form the basis for assessing the governor’s first term in office. THEMES represent Traffic Management and Transportation; Health and Environment; Education and Technology; Making Lagos a 21st Century state; Security and Governance.

“Its been exactly 741 days. Ten days into the second half of it, because we count the days. We count the numbers, out of 1461 days, and its important for me to do that, so that spiritually, you begin to know what the people have handed over to you, the mandate they have given to you, and how well you are keeping on to that, on a daily basis,” the Governor stated in an interview with Arise TV.

On transportation, the Governor said his administration has been able to add new buses to the fleet of public transportation in the state, as well as an extensive deployment of modern day technology to improve the transportation sector in the state.

“We’ve been able to add about 750 new buses to the fleet of public transportation in Lagos. We’ve added about 420 of what we call first mile last mile small mini-buses. We have also done procurement for a thousand additional taxis that will be coming in another one month or two.”

Sanwo-Olu also stated that the State has procured about 22 boats to shore up water transportation in the state, and also implemented a host of traffic improvement strategies.

On healthcare delivery, the Governor said his administration has made commendable strides in spite of the challenges that has been posed by the coronavirus pandemic over the last year.

“We are building three new hospitals. We have done extensive improvement in six others. In terms of capacity development, because that became very important last year, we are still recruiting more doctors, more nurses, more health frontline workers, and we’ll continue to train and re-train them given all of the things that came out last year.”

He also stated that the State is hashing out plans to build an African Infectious Diseases Centre, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to him, the futuristic goal is to develop an indigenous facility that would be capable of developing vaccines to tackle the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases.

On Education, the Governor said his administration has touched over a thousand public schools in projects that have included building of new classrooms and supply of furniture and other essential materials.

“We have built about 450 new classrooms. We’ve touched over a thousand public schools, either primary or secondary schools.”

Governor Sanwo-Olu also said the State has recruited about 3000 new teachers and is currently embarking on the metropolitan fibre optics project, which is aimed at deploying 3000 kilometres of fibre across the state to ensure that education and technology are symbiotically ameliorated for the benefit of Lagosians.

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu

On security, Governor Sanwo-Olu the Governor regretted that the State has become a hotbed for abductions in recent memory, and called on Lagosians to engage a higher gear of vigilance and help the security agencies tackle the mounting security challenges in the state.

”I will not sit here and gloss over and say that is not happening. These are very serious times and these are very serious issues that we all need to tackle frontally. In Lagos there have been incidents that we have had and part of the strategy is that all of us need to speak up. See something, say something.”

“It is really about everybody understanding who is in your neighborhood? Who are the strangers that you are seeing around you?

Even security tips. You are in traffic, roll up your  glass if you have to. Make sure that you are not standing by the street side and holding a phone and talking without being security councious. These are just very simple tips. You don’t enter a strange vehicle. The kind of response we have gotten is that people have gone on unpainted vehicles that they do not know who they are and they just pop in on free ride. You don’t do that.”


Speaking on Government’s response to the issue, the governor said:

”We are building the cameras we are building, that is why we are supporting the police formation that we have, that is why we are still increasing the number of our recruits on our neighborhood watch, so that local intelligence can be granular”

Governor Sanwo-Olu also commented on the recent directive by the Federal Government to Telcos to shut down access to popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

The Governor said the rancour between the Federal Government and the social media platform was a mere “misunderstanding” which could have been handled better if both parties sat down to iron out their differences.

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