June 12 Protest, Building Up To Be The Deadliest In History



  • In 2015, the widespread protests were focused on fuel subsidies.
  • In 2020, the protests revolved around #ENDSARS 
  • But June 12 2021 will be about a whole range of issues that have caused a lot of suffering to ordinary Nigerians

Every single Nigerian must have heard of the upcoming June 12 protest, that is just the topic on everyone’s mouth these days, EKO HOT BLOG  gathered.

The federal government is making preparations and beefing up security in all major cities in the country and the citizens of the country who have simply just had enough of the suffering, will face each other in what many political observers expect will be a very nasty showdown.

June 12 Protest, Building Up To Be The Deadliest In History

Activist groups around the country are mobilizing the youths and Nigerians from all walks of life through the use of several social media avenues and passing up flyers in almost every single street in the country.

Surely this nationwide protest has not only Nigerian government officials nervous, but also foreign powers who are already growing weary of the rise of violence and acts of impunity in the country carried out by several armed groups, who all seem intent on bringing the government’s security apparatus to their knees.

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There will be a very large gathering of people which also can make it quite easy for terrorists to plan an attack while the security officials are too busy trying to curtail the protests. Now you see how messy things can get?

In light of what is to come, several businesses and schools have decided not to have any official business on the day of the protest.

June 12 Protest, Building Up To Be The Deadliest In History

It’s going to be something we have never seen before because unlike the protests in the past, where you had Nigerians come out to campaign against a single issue, this June 12 protest is a whole accumulation of a lot of things.

The economy is in free fall, the value of the Naira is just downright depressing, a terrorist attack is an everyday thing and the violence in the South East amongst others will make that day an experience this country will never forget.


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