Opinion: The Powerful Emotion of Anger

It started as a minor disagreement before escalating into a heated argument.

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The couple could be heard yelling on top of their voices and one of their neighbors, a matured gentleman decided to bang on their door to intervene in whatever they were arguing about.

The distraction of the knock and the voice of the older man saved the couple.

At the knock, both of them calmed down and that was when the woman realized she was holding the sharp pointed edge of the kitchen knife to her husband’s belly.

Who knows what would have happened if that timely loud bang on their door had not come.

One of the most overpowering emotions is anger, if it isn’t recognized and managed. Unchecked anger can make otherwise cool headed people lose control of who they are. For a brief disastrous moment.

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In its entirety, anger isn’t all that negative depending on its use. The kind of anger that gives one the determination to become better is a positive anger.

However the type of anger we are referring to is one that totally encompasses a man to a state of total loss of control over who he is, what he says, and does.

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A person who can’t control himself when aggravated is a very dangerous person, not only to himself but to all who are around him.

What are some antidotes to uncontrollable anger? The first is identification and recognition of the emotion. Another way to control extreme anger is via self-awareness of the triggers that might lead one to that state.

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A lot of otherwise reasonable and law abiding citizens are presently serving time in prison because of split seconds of uncontrolled anger.


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