Opinion: The Benefits of Mentorship

Mentorship is one of the most important concepts that if understood has tremendous advantages and benefits to anyone anywhere in the world.  Explained in modest terms, mentorship is walking or working with someone who has achieved what one desires to achieve in the near future. Simply put, mentorship is being guided and instructed by a person of higher influence and authority with a track record of influence, credibility and knowledge which can be of tremendous benefit to the subordinate or mentee.

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When you see a young person achieving notable accomplishments in a certain sphere of influence, don’t be surprised if the person is riding on the benefits of the accumulated achievements of a mentor who is guiding him/her in the way to go or give him/her the platform to blossom and grow his/her skills and talents.

It is always laudable when organizations, religious bodies, governmental establishments, non-profits roll out mentorship programs for young graduates who might need a lot of guidance in the world of work.

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Now while the call for mentorship is commendable, a lot of atrocities have been committed under the guise of mentorship were young and innocent persons are misled. We have heard of so-called mentors molesting and manhandling those who trust and seek their counsels. In other cases, mentees have been deceived into doing unlawful things.

While mentorship is needed, it does have guideline and procedures which mentees can actually use in measuring the authenticity of what they are being told. Anything that is indecent, invalidates human dignity, shrouded in secrecy, and against the law must not be carried out by the mentees. As an advice, the same gender should mentor one another to avoid any suggestive or actual insinuations.

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The relationship between mentor and mentee should be based on guided and validated trust, verifiable advices, and mutual respect. The success of the mentor should be a measurable success which can be replicated.

The advice is for people is to get someone who can guide them so as to shorten the time that they would ordinarily need to achieve success, however, not everyone would have access to a mentor whose influence and track record of success can be made use of to them.

Whatever the case, people must make sure that they are in pursuit of whatever they want to achieve and what they need per time would be given to them. According to the Buddhist proverb, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”


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