Opinion: The Bane of Entrepreneurship

Most people don’t understand the bane of entrepreneurship, that is, the ugly side of starting and sustaining a business. They love the way entrepreneurs looks but don’t understand the enormous tasks and sweat it takes to start, run, and sustain a business.

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The story of this lady is the way most individuals see entrepreneurs. This entrepreneur looked financially comfortable. She had an office in one of the choice locations on the mainland areas of Lagos state with seven staff working for her. She didn’t have to report to a superior officer like her friends who are employees. She had the freedom to call the shot because she was the boss.

All her friends envied her because she was living the life that most of them wanted: that is the freedom to determine their own time to do what they want with it. Some of her friends expressed their frustrations at their nine to five jobs because it was snuffing their personal lives out. They also wanted to have the ability to determine what they do with their time.

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A lot of people admire entrepreneurs from far because they looked glamorous.  The platforms that they have to tell their stories, the seeming amount of time they have for themselves and their families, the way they ‘control’ their employees. All these reasons and some more are why people want to become entrepreneurs and run their businesses.

But the underlying truth is this: entrepreneurship is far from easy and simple. In fact, entrepreneur is a combination of failures, betrayals, backstabbing by trusted friends and partners and a lot more.

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Entrepreneurship is about resilience and bouncing from failure to disappointments until the person has a sure footing in the sands of the business before it begins to prosper and flourish.

The glamour that a lot of people see and admire is not the makeup of what entrepreneurship entails. The appeal that draw people are the aftermath of the blood, sweat, tears, and failures that they don’t see and if people really want to understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, especially in a clime that doesn’t have favorable economic pillars, they should ask those whom they admire questions on how they started and grew their businesses.

Entrepreneurship is a calling, not something that should be ventured into on emotional and assumption basis.


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