Opinion: They Train for Several Years to Compete for Just Few Minutes

They train consistently for years, maintain a strict disciplined diet and work out regularly. For just a few minutes of the competition, the athletes train for several years. They get a minimum of eight hours of sleep every day and wake up early in the mornings to head out for their training.

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Their early morning practices usually last between four to five hours before they head back home for specific and tailored breakfasts. They eat mostly, at specific hours of the day and most times, they do not have the luxury of certain delicacies. Alcohol, artificial sugar, carbonated or frizzy drinks are things they do without, for the most part.

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In the late afternoon/early evening, they head back to the gym for weight training to condition their bodies and build their endurance.  Usually the evening work-out at the gym last for three to four hours.

Then they will have whatever meeting they want with their coaches before heading home to eat dinner.

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They have to be in bed at specific time so they can catch the necessary numbers of hours of sleep for their physical recovery.

They follow this routine for five to six days a week with just one day as their ‘free’ day and even in that free day; there are some foods and drinks they can’t eat.

They train their bodies in their different specific sports to be conditioned to such a level that they can win a competition.

They train for years before the competitions.

They train in all sorts of weathers and conditions, favorable or not.

The above described routine is a sneak peek into the world of an athlete.

So when next you admire Ese Brume and Blessing Oborududu for winning the medals in the Olympics, know they’ve worked hard for years to get to where they are.

Congratulations to them and to us all. Their win is also a win for Nigeria.



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