Singer Tiwa Savage Reveals How she Deals with Trolls

Tiwa Savage

Afrobeats singer, Tiwa Savage, has revealed how she treats with trolls and false rumours on social media.

While having a chat with social media content creator Kaly Jay, Tiwa Savage disclosed that she has grown a tough skin for false skin rumors on social media.

Tiwa stated that she has been in the industry for a while to know that trolling and false rumours is part and parcel of the job.

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She said, “It is part of it like I’ve been in this industry long enough to know that sometimes I mean if I want to react, I’m not. I’m not a pushover. Like if I see something and I wake up on the wrong day and I see some tea, I will respond like I’m human.

”I’m a public figure. I’m not an action figure, you know I have feelings. I have emotions. Sometimes I may feel like I want to react but you hardly see me react because I know that comes with the job like I know that we get perks.

Tiwa Savage

“As a celebrity and artist, I stay in some of the finest hotels in the world. I travel luxury, so if God is blessing me with all these great things, I know that though I would have to deal with negative press or false rumors. You know, I feel like I’ve grown thick enough skin over the years to know and I know it may sound cliche, but I promise you I’m at that stage in my life when if I see a negative comment or if I see a false rumor, I literally focus on.

“The number of streams I’m getting, the positive words somebody commenting and saying,

“Oh my God, I use your song on my wedding day like are you kidding me? That’s way more important for me to try and dwell on someone somewhere making a negative comment. And if you ever even see me commenting on something, it’s not something that’s hit my heart. It’s just me catching trips, to be honest, majors, catching cruise or something.

“Tiwa just wants to entertain people for a minute but yeah, like you can’t get this far in this industry and let things like that you can’t address everything, you can’t stop every barking dog on the street you have a goal.”


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