Independence: “A Nation at 61 Should Not Be Crawling But Flying” – Alara


By _ Babatunde Kaka

Alara of Ilara Kingdom, Epe, Oba Olukayode Olufolarin Ogunsanwo, Telade IV, has joined millions of Nigerians at home and abroad to celebrate the 61st independence anniversary of the country.

Oba Ogunsanwo was speaking on the sidelines during his 54th birthday celebration that was graced by eminent royal fathers, families, friends, and well-wishers at his palatial Ibonwon residence, Epe, on Wednesday 29th September 2021.

Critically evaluating the state of the nation, Alara said Nigeria had come a long way and ought to have sorted out certain fundamental aspects of its corporate existence that would allow it to soar in terms of developmental strides.
Independence: "A Nation at 61 Should Not Be Crawling But Flying" - AlaraIndependence: "A Nation at 61 Should Not Be Crawling But Flying" - Alara
“When a nation celebrates the 61st anniversary, there are some milestones that must have been achieved in terms of development, constitutional provisions for the nation, revenue sharing formula, devolution of power, and the issue of federal character. By now, Nigeria should be a country that shouldn’t be crawling but flying, if we take a cue from other corresponding countries like Singapore and some other countries,” Oba Ogunsanwo stated.

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Alara also stated that Nigeria’s diversity, which has led to unceasing rounds of ethnic jingoism and inter-tribal skirmishes for several decades, ought to be harnessed and converted to a factor that strengthens our corporate existence.

“We shouldn’t be talking about insecurity now, we shouldn’t be talking about secession after 61 years. There’s an adage that says “United we stand, divided we fall,” that seems to point to the fact that there’s inequality in the polity and as such, we expected that such issues should have been addressed before now,” Alara said.

Oba Ogunsanwo also expressed hope that 2023 would be a turning point for the nation as it would provide another opportunity for Nigerians to painstakingly assess Nigeria’s status quo and decide what kind of leadership it desires moving forward.

“2023 is staring at us in the face and it is an opportunity to address those inequalities because our voters’ card and vote is our authority and we should be more careful and more proactive in the way we take a position on our voters’ card. If any government is not doing the right thing, we can vote them out with or cards. I would implore all our citizens to shine their eyes by putting the round peg in the round hole and look out for the people that will serve them diligently, so that they would not continue to live in penury but rather from poverty to prosperity,” Alara averred.
Independence: "A Nation at 61 Should Not Be Crawling But Flying" - Alara
Alara, who noted that he was not by any means passing a vote of no confidence on any administration, said that retrospectively speaking, Nigeria could have been better off today if successive governments had made judicious use of the country’s abundant natural and human resources.


He also stated that he desires a Nigeria where developmental strides are evenly spread in the cities as well as the rural communities so that the generality of Nigerians can feel their inalienable right to the dividends of democracy.
Independence: "A Nation at 61 Should Not Be Crawling But Flying" - AlaraIndependence: "A Nation at 61 Should Not Be Crawling But Flying" - Alara
“I want even development in Ilara, Eredo, Epe Division and Lagos State at large so that there would be urban-rural migration and there will also be even distribution of resources and then life would be easier for everybody,” Alara said.

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