Gulder Ultimate Search 12: Update From Week 2

  • Week 2 of gulder ultimate search was riddled with confusion 
  • Contestants also engaged in their first task

Ekohotblog reports that confusion has been the order of the day for Gulder Ultimate Search contestants as they spent their first day in the jungle.

The contestants met this season’s host, Toke Makinwa and the taskmaster, Kunle Remi, as they arrived at the jungle entrance. Both were there to guide the new warriors on the beginning of their quest to become the ultimate champion.

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The first sign of confusion was when they were instructed to take only the food items they could carry. The contestants scrambled for food items in a rush, which made the host and taskmaster angry for the disorganization. We’re yet to see if the council of elders will punish them for that, but in a way, they already were. Having to eat their yam dinner without salt should be punishment enough.

Gulder Ultimate Search 12: Update From Week 2

Then one of the contestants, Omoya of Clan Amo (Blue team), couldn’t find a leg of his sandals. We don’t know if there will be a punishment for that, so we’ll wait and see. On the way to camp, the three clans almost got lost as they tried to find their way to the camp area, following the landmarks left for them. When they eventually got to the camp, Toke and Kunle were already waiting for them.

Then they had to build their home. Even though the taskmaster provided them with all the items they needed, it seemed like a difficult task for our warriors. There was so much confusion about what goes where that Kunle Remi had to step in thrice to call them to order and give them clues about setting up their camp. Thankfully, they were able to set it up just as dusk fell.

On day 2 which was for their first task, teamwork proved critical to their performance.

The challenging course was in a muddy field that saw the clans crawl through a muddy barrel tunnel, climb over a steep A-board, climb across a monkey bar to a box containing puzzle pieces. They had to use their ropes to drag the box back to the starting point and assemble the puzzle pieces correctly.

Clan Iroko set a quick pace throughout the task as they were the first to crawl through the barrel tunnel with their rope. They quickly scaled the steep A-board using their rope to pull each other across to the other side. They made climbing across the monkey bars look easy with how fast they did it.

Using the rope, they tied the box and pulled it back to the start together. Once back at the beginning, Kunle Remi, the taskmaster, gave everyone a clue about the puzzle, “only one colour should face a side.” This clue didn’t take them too long to figure out, and they put the wooden puzzle pieces together to reveal the Gulder brand logo.

Clan Amo came in second as they were able to finish their puzzle, while Clan Irin came in third, and their puzzle was not looking too good. The taskmaster declared Clan Iroko the winner and told Clan Irin to prepare to be at the place of the talking drum as one of them would be going home. The warriors made their way back to the camp.

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