Anambra@30: NewsOnline Nigeria Selected For Special Recognition

  • INSPIRE ANAMBRA @30 will be honouring Winner’s Media Concept among other selected 29 CEOs from Anambra State

EKO HOT BLOG reports that online news medium, NewsOnline Nigeria, has been selected for special recognition in the celebration of the Anambra @30 event.

It is gathered that Winner’s Media Concept, the parent company of NewsOnline Nigeria has been selected among the “30 Anambra Under 35 CEOS” for special recognition in celebration of Anambra @30.

The programme tagged “The Next Anambra” with a maiden publication, “INSPIRE ANAMBRA @30” is tailored to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the new Anambra State.

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The private sector driven initiative will be focusing on the deep introspection and the journey of the Anambra people so far.

Coordinator, ‘INSPIRE ANAMBRA @30’, Chinedu Okafor, said the event is an opportunity to rewrite the narrative, the stereotyping and terribly bad press about the Anambra people.

“It calls for projection of many positive and inspiring feats of Anambra State, her people, brands and exploits in the world of business, politics, industries, entertainment, literature, academics, medicine, law and many other areas of human endeavour.” he added.

EKO HOT BLOG reports that INSPIRE ANAMBRA @30 which is promoted by TourNigeria Communications, Anambra People Magazine, Akulueuno Foundation, Alexreports and Igbere TV will be honouring Winner’s Media Concept among other selected 29 CEOs from Anambra State for a special feature in the Anambra People Magazine among other benefits.

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