Stakeholders Lament Alarming Rate Of Indiscipline In Schools, Call For Attitudinal Change Among Students

By Babatunde Kaka

  • Stakeholders have decried the alarming rate of indiscipline in schools as they call for attitudinal change among students

EKO HOT BLOG reports that observers in the education sector have decried the monumental rate of indiscipline in schools.

This is coming against the backdrop of the recent indiscipline in the education sector, which have in some instances led to gang beating, infliction of injuries, arrest and loss of lives.

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In an interview with EKO HOT BLOG in Epe, on the sidelines of the ’91 set 30th Anniversary of Alaro Community High School Old Students Association, on Saturday, the observers compared discipline in schools during their time to what is obtainable in the present world.

Mr Abolanle Iberu, National President, Alaro Community High School Old Students Association, he said, “Even the Government makes it worse, where a student would misbehave and they will ask teachers not to flog and not to talk to them even when they come with torn uniforms, they will say let them seat the way they come from home, no, it is not okay.

“Teachers can’t even call students to barb their bushy hairs before coming to school. In my opinion, it’s like when the government is trying to play a kind of I don’t care attitude and it is affecting our education and so many things. You see a lot of drop-outs riding okada, joining cults, doing all sorts of things we couldn’t do during our time because we have the fear of our teachers and parents.”

He further noted that students are free to do whatever they like because the government has paid lip service to morality.

“You see a lot of these students forming illegal associations and they have the guts to threaten the life of a teacher which demoralises the confidence of teachers to teach in the school. When he’s teaching, he’d be watching his back, when he’s walking on the street, he won’t walk comfortably because some students have threatened him,” he said.

Pastor Charles Enaturu, a veteran educator with vast experience across schools in Epe, said he was pleased with education in the past as the students of those days were inspiring.

Referring to Alaro Community High School, he said, “Education then was very beautiful, students come to school, even on Saturdays. These students were special, at that time, they inspire you teaching them, they respond very well and they were regular in school unlike nowadays that most of the students are out there doing a lot of things that were not present with those set of children in those days.

“Alaro School was one of the best schools in town and it was because of the discipline that was there pioneered by late Sosanya, the Principal of the school who made us really acquire that virtue of discipline. the school rules and regulations were being observed and upheld at that time. Nowadays, there’s still discipline in schools but unlike in those days, the use of disciplinary measures was allowed, they learn from a productive discipline like cutting grass etc.”

Mr Akintola Oladipo, a Civil Servant and Business Man was of the view that the case is nothing to write home about, stating that parents would have to be on their toes for the better moral upbringing of their wards.

He singled out the menace of examination malpractices which is now a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the school system as a penal offence in the past.

“The standard of discipline was so high within the students unlike what’s happening now. It is extremely bad that you can’t vouch for the students you are teaching. We just had cult killings. Now, things have gotten worse. Then, there was discipline in schools but now, it is a pity that parents have a lot to do concerning the moral upbringing of their children.

“Discipline was more effective then than now.

“Then, cheating in the classroom during the examination is a serious offence, you come out at what you are made of, on your own merit unlike that things are getting worse in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole,” he said.

However, the observers advised the students to be dedicated and committed to their education which is the best legacy that can be bequeathed to them by their parents and guardians.

Also, students were admonished to see punishment from their teachers as a correctional measure that is meant to elicit moral uprightness.

In another view, students were advised to see failure as an opportunity to retry rather than wickedness or persecution by their teachers.

Students were also admonished to shun cultism, hooliganism, gangsterism, fraud and other acts of indiscipline inimical to their personal growth.

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