World Cup 2022 Play-Off Draw Date, Fixture Schedule (Full list)

World Cup 2022
  • The race to Qatar is alive and kicking as countries from all over the world look to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

EKO HOT BLOG reports that the World Cup 2022 play-off draw for European teams has been revealed.

FIFA disclosed this in a post via their website on Friday.

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World Cup 2022

Usually a summer event, it has been rearranged to December next year, with nations still looking to earn a spot in the 32-team tournament.

As it stands, 13 teams have confirmed their spot in the showpiece event with hosts Qatar joining Brazil, Argentina and 10 countries from around Europe which include France, Germany, Spain and Gareth Southgate’s England.

In addition to that, 12 teams from Europe will also compete for three spots in the World Cup via the play-offs.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the play-offs.

World Cup 2022 play-offs: How does it work?

The play-offs will see Europe’s 10 qualifying group runners-up joined by the two best group winners from the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League who have not already qualified for the World Cup or fall into the 10 group runners-up.

These 12 teams will then be drawn into three play-off paths for a one-off semi-final and a final.

The three winners from each path with qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

World Cup 2022 play-offs: Draw details

The draw for the World Cup play-offs took place in Zurich, Switzerland on Friday, November 26 at 4pm UK time.

Out of the 12 teams competing, the six best-ranked runners-up will be seeded for the draw and therefore play their semi-final fixture at home.

The remaining six countries will be unseeded for the draw and will therefore be the away team during the one-off semi-final stage.

An additional draw will then be made to determine which semi-final winner will play at home in the final for each of the three paths.

World Cup 2022 play-offs: Fixture schedule

The World Cup play-offs will take place in March next year during the next schedule international break in the domestic season.

Each of the 12 teams will play a one-off semi-final clash on Thursday, March 24 with the six winners competing against the other team from their path in the play-off final on Tuesday, March 29.

The winner of each final will qualify for the World Cup in Qatar.

Play-off semi-finals: Thursday, March 24 2022

Play-off finals: Tuesday, March 29 2022

UEFA will confirm the kick-off times after the draw.

World Cup 2022 play-offs: Draw

Path A

Scotland vs Ukraine

Wales vs Austria – (winner of this clash will be the home team in the final)

Path B

Russia vs Poland – (winner of this clash will be the home team in the final)

Sweden vs Czech Republic

Path C

Italy vs North Macedonia

Portugal vs Turkey – (winner of this clash will be the home team in the final)

Final A

Wales/Austria vs Scotland/Ukraine

Final B

Russia/Poland vs Sweden/Czech Republic

Final C

Portugal/Turkey vs Italy vs North Macedonia

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