Indiana Woman Vanishes After Mysterious Phone Call to Mother

  • 20-year-old woman vanishes after mysterious phone call to mother

  • Petito’s case captured national headlines for months after she disappeared during a road trip with her boyfriend

A 20-year-old Indiana lady went missing in early November after visiting California, where her mother claims she made a troubling phone call from a stranger’s phone before disappearing.

Lateche Norris had traveled to Santa Cruz to be with her lover, Joseph “Joey” Smith, on November 1, according to her mother, Cheryl Walker. She was last seen on November 4 in San Diego, and she last contacted her family on November 5 following a quarrel with her boyfriend.

Norris informed her mother about the altercation and that she’d call again during the Nov. 5 phone call, according to Walker of KRON-TV. Her daughter, she said, didn’t explain why she wasn’t using her own phone.

But Walker said that was the last time she heard from her daughter – and that her boyfriend can no longer be reached.

Walker, has since launched a social media campaign to find her daughter, attracting widespread media attention.

“My daughter is just as important as Gabby Petito,” Walker wrote on Facebook. “As if what happened to that sweet girl wasn’t heartbreaking enough.”

Petito’s case captured national headlines for months after she disappeared during a road trip with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, in August. Petito was found dead in Wyoming weeks after she vanished, while a nationwide manhunt ensued for Laundrie. Laundrie was found dead in Florida from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in October.

Walker also criticized the San Diego Police Department (SDPD), claiming that police told her that “she’s not believed to be at risk.”

The SDPD “chose to ignore the red flags, and try to push a narrative that ‘we see this all the time,'” Walker wrote.

Fox News has reached out to the San Diego Police Department for comment but did not immediately receive a response.


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