10 Things That Will Cure Your Hangover This Christmas

Hangover This Christmas
  • With the festive season comes the partying and occasional heavy drinking that leads to endless hangovers here are 10 things that will cure your Hangover This Christmas

  • Dr Carol Cooper explained that typical hangover symptoms are primarily due to dehydration, stomach irritation and low blood sugar levels.

According to the World Health Organisation, Nigeria ranks second on the list of African countries for heavy episodic drinking.

Another report conducted by a market research group, reveals that with beer consumption of 12.28 litres per year, Nigeria leads the top 10 biggest beer-drinking countries in Africa. This is by virtue of her population, which technically translates to a higher volume and litres consumed per year.

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And while some might be lucky enough to have some time off of work over the festive period to party with friends and family, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in bed the morning after trying to nurse a rotten hangover this Christmas.

While there’s no instant miracle cure for hangovers just yet, there are a few things you can do to alleviate those horrendous symptoms.

Dr Carol Cooper, a medical journalist, spoke with the SUN Uk and offered medical advice for curing a hangover this Christmas.

Carol explained: “Typical hangover symptoms are primarily due to dehydration, stomach irritation and low blood sugar levels.

“Dehydration is the main reason for dry mouth and headache, while nausea and pain are down to stomach irritation.

“Low blood sugar levels contribute to tiredness and light-headedness.

“There’s no hangover cure as such, only relief for some of the symptoms.”

If you fancy a Baileys or two (or more) this festive season, here are Carol’s top tips for dealing with a hangover.

Drink Water

It’s important when drinking alcohol to ensure that you drink lots of clear fluids.

Carol said: “Water is effective and cheaper than isotonic drinks.

“The sooner you start fighting dehydration, the faster your head will stop throbbing.

“Even better, take fluids on board before symptoms set in.”

Take Painkiller

If you haven’t got any painkillers in your medicine box, make sure you head out before the big day to get some if you’re planning on knocking the booze back.

Carol explained: “There’s evidence that alcohol also causes inflammation inside your head, so, if your stomach can take it, consider anti-inflammatory tablets like ibuprofen.

“Paracetamol can work but it’s more toxic to the liver.

Eat Carbohydrates

Many of us tend to avoid carbs, but here’s your excuse (if you need one), get tucking into the roasties this Christmas to avoid the damage to your head the following day.

Carol said: “A carb-based snack like honey on toast or a bacon roll boosts blood sugar levels.


“Just choose something bland that’s easy to prepare and easy to keep down.”

Have Clear soup

If you’ve got veggies leftover from your Christmas dinner, instead of throwing them away, you might want to make them into a soup to cure your hangover.

Carol claims: “A thin vegetable (or beef-based) broth helps top up lost vitamins and minerals.

Consider antacids

If ibuprofen doesn’t cure your Hangover This Christmas, you might be surprised that Rennies can help cure a sore head.

Carol said: “If you have heartburn or feel queasy, a simple antacid can help.

“Rennies is just one brand of the many available.

“You can also buy over-the-counter remedies like PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) which give more lasting relief.

“Ask your pharmacist for advice.”

Sleep it off

Christmas Day is often a big one for many and while you might have exciting Boxing Day plans, staying in bed is always a good shout to stop hangover this Christmas and your head from pounding.

Carol advised: “Take a nap if you can.

“Once you wake up, you may be over the worst of your hangover.”

Eat food rich in Zinc and B vitamins

As much as you might want to tuck into leftover turkey and stuffing on Boxing Day, if you want to cure your banging headache, a healthier lunch might just be the answer.

Carol suggested: “The science isn’t conclusive, but research suggests that being low in zinc and B vitamins makes hangover symptoms worse.

Get fresh air

For those just wanting to spend the whole day in bed to nurse the hangover this Christmas, you might want to have a re-think.

Carol stressed the importance of fresh air for nursing a headache and said: “It’ll help clear your head and make you feel a bit more normal again.”

Do some exercise

While many of us will be full to the brim with Christmas pudding and mince pies and might not fancy moving very far, if you want to feel a bit more festive, exercise is a good start.

Carol recommends: “A walk outside helps stretch the muscles, but be careful if you’re light-headed.

“And don’t drive the morning after a heavy session as you may be over the limit.”

Prevention is key

Although Christmas is a time of fun and joy, remember to pace yourself to avoid a hangover this Christmas – you’ll still have a great time AND you won’t regret it the next day.

Carol said: “The best way to deal with a hangover is to avoid it in the first place by drinking less booze.

“Heavily coloured drinks like brandy, red wine, and dark rum contain ingredients known as congeners which are as toxic to the body as alcohol itself.”

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