Biden Warns Putin Of ‘Robust Responses’ Amid Ukraine Invasion Fears

Biden Ukraine's Border
Russian President, Vladimir Putin
  • The talks continued behind closed doors, lasting about two hours

EKO HOT BLOG reports that the US says it is preparing “robust responses” over fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, after President Biden’s rare talks with Vladimir Putin. 

In a video link, Biden voiced deep concerns over Russian troop build-ups and threatened “strong economic and other measures”, Washington said.

Russia says it will not attack Ukraine.

Putin accused Kyiv of provocation, and sought guarantees against eastward Nato expansion and deployment of offensive weapons close to Russia.

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The talks began at 10:07 US Eastern time (15:07 GMT; 18:07 Moscow time), the White House said.

They were held on a secure video link set up under previous administrations but never used before, Russian news agency Tass said.

Video footage of the opening moments showed friendly greetings between the US and Russian leaders. The talks then continued behind closed doors, lasting about two hours.

Putin held the talks from his residence in the southern resort of Sochi, according to Tass.

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