Lagos Taskforce Impounds 382 Okada, Arrests 103 Miscreants

Lagos Taskforce Impounds 382 Okada
Impounded Okadas By Lagos State Task Force
  •  Hoodlum attack: Lagos Task Force impounds 382 Okada, arrests 103 miscreants

EKO HOT BLOG reports that in order for the state to achieve its vision of zero tolerance for the threat of motorcycles popularly called okada on restricted routes and to rid the state of all criminal activities, Lagos Task Force has impounded 382 okadas while also arresting 103 miscreants.

Chairman of the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Unit (Taskforce), CSP Shola Jejeloye, has stated that unrestrained speed, a gross violation of existing State Government laws, and other regulations are fast becoming rampant among motorcycle riders in most parts of the State.

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Jejeloye,  explained that during enforcement for compliance operation at 7th Avenue, Festac Town, the Men and Officials of the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offenses Unit (Taskforce) were attacked by suspected miscreants, hoodlums, and illegal drug peddlers posing as okada riders.

The operation was aimed at reducing the threat posed by okada riders, raiding local black spots, and restoring sanity to the state.

The incident occurred around 11 a.m., and there were a large number of suspected drug peddlers, miscreants, and hoodlums who were hell-bent on causing chaos rather than allowing the Agency to carry out its lawful duties and restore sanity to the area.

Several officers were injured in various ways, and one official vehicle and two private vehicles were set on fire.

The attackers, numbering in the thousands and wielding stones, cutlasses, bow and arrows, and other dangerous weapons dashed out of various darkspots in the area, shelled the officers incessantly before being subdued by the Agency’s superior tactical power without firing a single shot or inflicting any serious injuries.

Meanwhile, Agency officials carried out a week-long enforcement operation in all nooks and crannies of Festac Town and Surulere, seizing over 382 okadas, arresting 103 miscreants and handing them over to the State Police Command for prosecution, while four other perpetrators of the first attack were arraigned and sentenced to two years in prison for violating the State Environmental and Special Offenses laws.

After the incident, the Agency’s Chairman, CSP Shola Jejeloye, assured Lagosians that the agency will not be deterred in its efforts to eliminate the threat of okada riders and reduce traffic and environmental offenders to the bare minimum, if not zero. He stated that, while the incident was unfortunate, it had no bearing on the Agency’s vision and mission of ridding the state of criminal elements. Meanwhile, crushing of another batch of okada seized by the Agency will begin on Monday as part of the State’s plan to clear the city’s highways of the okada threat.

“These alleged miscreants have demonstrated that they have no regard for the state’s laws,” he said. We’ll also show them that we’re still committed to doing our jobs. We’ll keep raiding blackspots, impounding okadas plying restricted routes throughout the state, and strictly enforcing all environmental laws.” Jejeloye was adamant.

The Chairman reassured Lagosians that they should not be afraid during the festive season because the Agency will do everything possible to ensure a crime-free festive season in the state.

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